Surveillance Platforms

TOTUS Surveillance Platforms™ are the most advanced group of TOTUS Security Platforms™, designed to incorporate optimized LED lighting, complete megapixel IP video surveillance, multi-day media storage, and secure wireless communications with Event Action Processing to provide unparalleled Active Deterrence™. TOTUS Security Platforms™ save up to 70% energy versus the legacy streetlights through the use of improved LED technology.


Prevent incidents in real-time; these street light based platforms are also embedded with Motion Analytics allowing the high-efficiency lighting to draw attention to the incident at hand.




  • Embedded PoE Network Switch-4 Ports
  • Embedded 360° Fisheye 3 Megapixel Hemispheric IP Camera
  • Embedded Edge Video Recording- 32GB


Additional Options Include


  • Zigbee Master Control Capability
  • Two Way Audio Microphone and Speaker
  • Call Box
  • Embedded FIPS 140-2 or AES 256 Encryption for Wireless
  • 2 Ports Weatherproof 802.11 af PoE


Photometric Data

Light distribution LED 100Watts- Mounting Height 25’(7,62m) Footcandles


Photometric Charts

Surveillance Platforms