Smart Lighting Platforms

TOTUS Smart Lighting Platforms™, designed to incorporate optimized LED lighting, with superior night time color rendition for surveillance systems. TOTUS Smart Lighting Platforms™ save up to 70% energy versus the legacy streetlights through the use of improved LED technology.




  • White 5000K CCT, 83.3 CRI
  • 50, 100, 150 Watt Options
  • IP65 Sealed (IP66 Wings) Adjustable Wing Angles
  • Photometric Type II-III
  • 100-277VAC Input
  • Standard Tenon Mount
  • Automatic Midnight Dimming Option
  • Photocell Option
  • Infrared & Amber LED Options
  • Grey, Black, Bronze Housing Options
  • Flexible Mounting Options
  • Zigbee Slave Radio Capable


Photometric Data

Light distribution LED 100Watts- Mounting Height 25’(7,62m) Footcandles


Photometric Charts

Smart Lighting Platforms