TOTUS™ Parking Lots Application

One of the most prominent features of any business, government, or university facility, parking lots are often a point of concern for personal and property safety. TOTUS Security Platforms™  integrate LED-based street lighting, a complete IP video surveillance system, secure communications, and sensor monitoring technologies for unparalleled physical security and effective response.  Coverage with a grid of IP connected platforms can scale to provide an appropriate fit for any area, and the systems can connect with other security systems.


TOTUS™ Solution provides:


  • Increased lighting
  • Video surveillance
  • Lighting and Audio warnings
  • Optional emergency two-way communications/call points


TOTUS Security Platforms™ extend the presence of security personnel by engaging individuals with visual and audio messages and warnings.  TOTUS Security Platforms™ deter unwanted activity through automated Event Action Processing.


Event Action Process Components for Parking Lots Application:


Integrated 360 high resolution megapixel IP camera with on-board motion or event-triggered digital recording captures activity on date-time stamped video.  Internal controls respond to detected motion with selected system actions, such as strobing lights, sending video or images to security officers, and activating audio broadcasts.



Energy Efficient Lighting with intelligent controls which can automatically vary illumination levels to communicate awareness to individuals who are in restricted areas.  The high performance lights provide superior night-time color rendition for video recording.



IP from external devices and legacy security systems, external sensors, contact closures, motion analytic applications



IP to external devices and legacy security systems, contact closures



Video/Image forwarding via email, SMS, or FTP; Text via email or SMS; Pre-recorded audio via phone.


Call Box

2-Way communication, emergency/call request button



One-Way live or pre-recorded public address  announcements, mass notifications