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The world’s first outdoor LED lighting-based security platforms from TOTUS Solutions incorporate optimized LED lighting for true color viewing at night, megapixel IP surveillance, multi-day media storage, and secure wireless communications in a single solution. These purpose-built platforms transform passive surveillance into Active Deterrence™ by dynamically addressing crime as it happens via strobed lighting, warning announcements and immediate information sharing via email and text.


TOTUS Security Platforms™ are designed to provide up to 70% energy savings and have a life cycle up to 100,000 hours with less than 5% loss in brightness, so it’s incredibly cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free.


TOTUS Security Platforms™ are ideal to use in parking lots, campuses, public transit systems and walkways, or to protect critical infrastructure, government agencies, or any area where outdoor security is a must.


Active Deterrence™ Applications Map

The following matrix offers a comparison of the most common TOTUS Security Platforms™  Event Action Processes which are implemented to create Active Deterrence™.  This is not an exhaustive list, but includes the most notable Event Action Processes and the applications most likely to employ them.


Example:  A Parking Lot is a common application of Active Deterrence™ solution.  The Event Action Process Components most often used to achieve Active Deterrence™ in a parking lot are: Surveillance, Lighting, Inputs, Outputs, Messaging, Call Box(es), and Audio.  Communications is not expected to be employed in a typical Parking Lot application, but it can be if seen as helpful.  See the matrix below:


Active Deterrence™ Applications Map

Event-Action System Components

Parking Lot

Pedestrian Walkway

Public Transit

Critical Infrastructure


Streaming & Recording


Emergency/Attention Flashing

Occupancy-based Illumination


Motion Analytics, Sensors, IP from other Devices & Legacy Security Systems, Contact Closures


Messaging (via Phone, SMS, Email, FTP), IP to other Devices & Legacy Security Systems, Contact Closures


Text (via SMS, Email), Video/Image (via SMS, Email, FTP), Phone


WiFi (Public or Private Hotspot)

Call Box

Two-way Communication, Emergency/Panic Button


One-way Public Address, Mass Notification